SDL Mario
//Project intro
This was my semester 2 submission for Games Engine Creation, It was my first project working in SDL. It has several premade levels to play and also allows players to create their own levels. The video below shows the project in action.
//Demo video from my YouTube
//Devlog / Article links
01 - Project Background (N/A)
02 - Collision System (N/A)
03 - Advanced Camera (N/A)
04 - Level Editor (N/A)
05 - Parallax Background (N/A)
06 - Level Saving / Loading (N/A)
//Other links
01 - GitHub repo (N/A)
02 - Release Build
//Project meta-data
Language languageUsed = C++;
bool inDevelopment = false;
std::string dateCreated = "25/01/19";

Library librariesUsed[] = {

std::string credits[] = {
    "Fergus Griggs - Programming"
//Future plans
If I decide to pick up this project again, I will definately add some more enemies, I want to add: Bullet Bills, Flying Koopas, Monty Moles and Bob-ombs. For the moment, I am happy with the project though.
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