Minesweeper (Pysweeper)
//Project intro
I created this project just to see how quickly I could create a minesweeper clone in pygame. I think I ended up making it in around 5hrs, which for the time was pretty good for me. It was an enjoyable project to work on and I sometimes boot it up when my Internet goes down.
//Demo video from my YouTube
//Devlog links
01 - Project Background (N/A)
//Other links
01 - GitHub repo
//Project meta-data
Language languageUsed = Python;
bool inDevelopment = false;
std::string dateCreated = "Some time late 2017";

Library librariesUsed[] = {

std::string credits[] = {
    "Fergus Griggs - Programming"
//Future plans
There's a few features I could add to this clone, Ie a UI for the map size and bomb count etc. but I doubt I will as I'm happy with how it is in it's current state.
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