Little Alchemy 3D
//Project intro
This is our semester three group passion project submission: Little Alchemy 3D. It features over 80 unique item models, item combinations resulting in over 700 total items and a versatile UI system developed in SDL by Danny Jackson and ported to OpenGL by me.
//Demo video from my YouTube
//Devlog / Article links
//Other links
01 - GitHub repo (N/A)
02 - Trello Roadmap
//Future plans
The main bulk of polish for this game would come in the form of making models and after making over 40 of them I think I'm done. There are however quite a few graphical features I could add but they wouldn't add very much to the experience. So, I doubt I will add any more.
//Project meta-data
Language languageUsed = C++;
std::string dateCreated = "13/06/19";
bool inDevelopment = false;

Library librariesUsed[] = {
    OpenGL, GLFW, GLEW 

std::string credits[] = {
    "Fergus Griggs - Programming & Modelling",
    "Danny Jackson - Programming",
    "Niha Patel - Modelling"
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