3D Golf
//Project intro
This was my third collaborative project (second working with Brodie Griggs) and was the first time I intensively used task organization software like Trello to ease development. This was also the first time I had done any kind of collision system in 3D and I learnt a lot about 3D collision methods.
//Demo video from my YouTube
//Devlog / article links
//Other links
01 - GitHub Repo (N/A)
02 - 1920x1080 Release Build
03 - Trello Roadmap
//Future Plans
We have lots of features planned for this project, some of which you can see on our Trello Roadmap.
//Project meta data
Language languageUsed = C++;
std::string dateCreated = "02/07/19";
bool inDevelopment = true;

Library librariesUsed[] = {
    OpenGL, GLFW, GLEW 

std::string credits[] = {
    "Fergus Griggs - Programming",
    "Brodie Griggs - Modelling"
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